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Sauces lie at the heart of my culinary creations because they are the main way of expressing my flavour pairings.


Ever since I first stepped foot in the kitchen nearly twenty years ago, I have never stopped working on and revisiting sauces - the building block of French cuisine. Sauce, far from acting as a mere binder, is where I am able to express the flavour combinations I hold so dear. My creations are almost always accompanied by jus, broths or dashis, poured at the table so my guests can witness for themselves the olfactory transformation of the dish.  For me, dishes are living creations and eating is not a linear process. Let's put an end to boredom! Every mouthful should offer a different taste sensation, and sauces break the monotony of eating: they awaken, they link ingredients together, and they impart a delectable flavour. Put simply, sauce is the cornerstone of any dish.


For a number of years I have searched for ever greater balance, that perfect note in my sauces to bring them even closer to nature. What fascinates me is the vivacity and quintessence of taste, and that is why I have turned to dashi, a broth used as a base in Japanese cooking.

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