The association of flavours, the power of tastes and the delicacy of
expression characterize my creations. I invite you on a tour of my discoveries, intuitions and inspirations.

Anne-Sophie Pic

Food and wine pairing
Leaves, flowers and buds

Food and wine pairings


Food and beverage pairing plays a key role in the experience I want to share with my customers. I was brought up with the love of wine. I was brought up with the love of wine. My father especially appreciated it and often visited vineyards to scour their cellars. My grandfather drank a glass of champagne every morning ! ! And then, one summer vacation, I had the opportunity to taste a magnificent Pétrus. My father told me then to appreciate it, as I would not get the chance to savour such a sample every day. This was my first conscious awareness of the idea of “great wines.”


Flavoured with roasted sobacha oil, little flowers from the garden, tarragon ice cream and geranium rosat

The crab is served with a cocktail made from an infusion of rose geranium and tarragon, to which my sommelier teams add sake and green Chartreuse VEP (à Vieillissement Exceptionnellement Prolongé). This is a real ritual, as the different spirits are assembled and shaken together at the customer’s table, using a pedestal table.

In order to enrich my cooking and ways of conceiving a dish,
it is very important for me to create a dialogue
between the different universes which gravitate
and creativity in general.




20 years ago, I met Michel Bachès, it was then that I discovered this enthralling and rich world, composed of an extraordinary diversity of species. At the time, what interested me most was the weaving between bitter and sour and the most immediate interpretation that could be made of it. The first citrus I worked with was a Menton Lemon from which I used the entire zest and juice to create a silky raised butter. During a long a rigorous work process over 20 years, I developed my knowhow of citrus, notably by surveying the rows of the national citrus conservatory of the INRA in Corsica, where I discovered that their season isn’t limited to the winter months. The late blooms, also known as the summer citrus, opened a new field of discovery for me.


Flavoured with roasted sobacha oil, little flowers from the garden, tarragon ice cream and geranium rosat

For me this dish me is a sort of synthesis between two paths I’m exploring: aromatization and my love of citrus.. I utilize honey as a support to diffuse flavours throughout a honey marinade, kororima, angelica root and over-ripened Yuzu. Kororima is an Ethiopian spice which possesses resin and roasted herb aromas. These pine resin minted flavours fully reveal themselves with the angelica root which evokes simultaneously the wood relish, rose, artichoke hay and Szechuan pepper. They both add freshness to honey. Angelica root and Kororima occupy the same space, that of minted power, where the honey brings a sort of softness. The over-ripened yuzu zest, on the other hand, brings a touch of camphor to the marinade and a slightly fermented note.

Within citrus, there is often a complexity
complexity of odours which does not exist among other fruits.
It’s like opening the shelves of a dresser.


For me, the sauce, beyond its function as a link, is a place of expression for flavour associations. My creations are almost always accompanied by juices, broths, dashis, crystalline consommés and infusions served at just the right moment, offering diners a unique spectacle: witnessing the olfactory transformation of a dish. Each bite must procure a different gustatory emotion, at times powerful, at times delicate, at times smooth, at times bitter…


Flavoured with roasted sobacha oil, little flowers from the garden, tarragon ice cream and geranium rosat

Here is a floral and soft dish, constructed around the saltiness and bitterness, of a cucumber–blackcurrant pairing. The cucumber is fresh, crunchy, slightly bitter but does not possess any aromatic amplitude. In this dish, the flavours rise through the acidity of a marinade infused with blackcurrant leaves. The latter bestows it

with a gourmet tonality, a depth of taste. The
Hojicha-cubeb-blackcurrant ice cream amplifies the gourmet effect
with its touch of dairy, mint and tonic. As
it melts, it transforms the dish during its degustation and favours the mixing of flavours. In the end, within the plate, are touches of delectable bitterness gently subliming the salt of the Imperial Caviar of the Maison Petrossian.

Sauce disrupts the monotony of the degustation,
it awakens, it ties the ingredients, it summons
deliciousness. En un mot, elle est la pierre In a word, it is the cornerstone of the dish.
of the dish.

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