With Imprégnation, Anne-Sophie Pic takes us on a journey to the heart of her work: the art of cooking, of approaching cuisine, of constructing a dish like creating a perfume.

This book gives an insight into Anne-Sophie Pic’s style and cooking philosophy, and helps us understand her flavor combinations, her play on textures and the incredible light that inhabits her dishes. For 2 years, the chef worked on the creation of this singular work, whose design faithfully and intensely conveys her refined, complex universe.

The power of the colors gives rhythm to the work and sublimates the chef’s universe.

A singular approach that reveals the chef’s passion for art and nature. Each page immerses the reader in the world of Anne-Sophie Pic: an immersive experience that awakens the senses – at the heart of her imagination, her memories and her discoveries.

“I’m always on the lookout for the unique, singular, obvious chord.”
hot chocolate house style pic

“I hope this book can pass on, in my own modest way, what I’ve learned over the course of my twenty-five-year career.”

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Hachette Cuisine

Price: €100

Photos: Jean-François Mallet

Texts : Ryoko Sekiguchi

Number of pages: 432 pages

Format: 24×32 cm